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Cards Against Humanity


• Maximum of 6 people and minimum of 3 per team

• Each team needs to register their team name at the bar before 8:30pm

• Approximately 20 white cards are given for each team member at the table by the bar. From this the team will dish out 10 cards for each member as normal. They will also be given a pen and paper and a few paper clips.

• The bar retains all of the black cards.

• The bar will operate as the ‘card czar’. In each round they will call the black card. The teams should write down on the paper what the black card says.

• The team will then play as normal with an appointed person, in rotation, deciding which white card from their team mates is the funniest.

• Each team will have strictly 5 minutes from the announcement of the black card by the bar to decide their white card and get it up the bar ‘sin bin’. Those who do not before the bell sounds will be disqualified from the round. (In the case of the answer needing 2 white cards, use the paperclip to stick together putting the first space white card on top)

• The Card Czar (Tommy) will proceed to call out the teams white cards randomly. The card they decide is the funniest either by bar reaction or through each other’s consultation wins the round.

• The team who gets first to 8 points (or up until 10 pm) wins the Bucket of beer with a certificate provided confirming what a sick puppy they are. Watch out for spot prizes for TRULY sick individuals! 

Later Event: August 4
International Beer Day